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procedure MKCOLORJMA, [/ONLY_LOAD], [CTABLE=byte], [RGB=variable], [/QUIET]

MKCOLORJMA generates four new color tables:

 40: Black (0) + RGYBMC (123456) + Orange (7) + Light green (8) + Purple (9) + 
     Dark green (10) + Dark red (11) + Brown (12) + Light orange (13) + 
     Medium gray (14) + Greenish gray (15) +  Dark blue (16) + Turquoise (17) +
     Olive green (18) + Pink (19) + Bluish green (20) + Gray scale (25 to 255)
 39: Heat.
 38: Hue- + brightness- selected colors with maximum saturation.
 37: EOS B improved + Black + gray scale + White. 
See the full procedure

v. 3.1, 11 May 2013.

  v0.1: X color eliminated.  
        Color table 38 added. 
  v1.0: Color table 37 added. 
        General clean up.     
  v1.1: Better treatment of the directory structure and OS. 
  v2.0: English version.      
  v2.1: IDLdoc documentation.
  v2.2: Upgrade to IDLdoc documentation. 
  v2.3: Support for Windows introduced. 
  v2.4: Small changes for unix compatibility.
  v2.5: New colors added to table 40.
        Version system update. 
  v3.0: General adaptation to new version.
        Use of jmaplot_path and reubication of colorsjma.tbl there.
        ONLY_LOAD, CTABLE, RGB added.                                            
        Table 39 is now Heat (old: EOS B + Black + White).
        Postscript sample output added.
        HTML pages moved to local directory.       
  v3.1: Only version change. 
Jesús Maíz Apellániz, IAA
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in, optional
boolean (def. FALSE)
Flag to avoid generation of new files and instead just load the color table.
in, optional
byte (def. 40)
Color table to load.
out, optional
256x3 array with the RGB information of the loaded color table.
in, optional
boolean (def. FALSE)
Flag to supress informational messages.

Personal IDL library of Jesús Maíz Apellániz, Ramón y Cajal Fellow, Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía.
Feel free to contact me for more information about these routines or to submit a bug report or a feature request.

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