CHORIZOS is a multi-purpose Bayesian code developed to compare photometric data with model spectral energy distributions (SEDs). The user can select the SED family (e.g. Kurucz) and choose the behavior of each parameter (e.g. Teff) to be fixed, constrained to a given range, or unconstrained. The code calculates the likelihood for the full specified parameter ranges, thus allowing for the identification of multiple solutions and the evaluation of the full correlation matrix for the derived parameters of a single solution. A descriptión of the code has been published in this paper. The code underwent a major revision to accomodate arbitrary SEDs in v2.0 (December 2005) and is currently fully functional, although a number of upgrades are planned for the near future (mid-2007).

To install CHORIZOS, start by creating a directory where the program will be located. We will call the path to that directory CHORIZOS_DIR and it should be included in your IDL_PATH system variable before you invoke IDL (if you need help on setting up IDL_PATH, see this web page). Now, download the CHORIZOS distribution and some Kurucz SEDs into that directory. Note that the two files are quite large (especially the second one), so you will need a fast connection and/or some patience to do this. At the unix shell prompt in CHORIZOS_DIR type:

unix shell > gunzip chorizos.tar.gz
unix shell > gunzip kurucz_proc.tar.gz
unix shell > tar xfv chorizos.tar
... lots of files ...
unix shell > ln -s chorizos_6.3.sav chorizos.sav
unix shell > tar xfv kurucz_proc.tar
... some files ...

And with that you are (almost) ready to start using CHORIZOS! But before we do that, here is some additional information:

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